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I have a fully stocked shop to do all repairs and tune ups of any type of bicycle.

There are a very few specialty tools that I do not have but I am always looking for a reason to get a new tool!


I also do high end restorations.  This 1973 Schwinn Paramount track bike was shipped to me for restoration back to its original Kool Lemon Yellow.  The frame was powder coated and a new decal set was installed.  The wheels where laced with new spokes.  New Tubular tires where installed.  An original Brooks saddle was found.  New cloth handlebar tape was installed.  All the alloy and chrome components where polished to a high finish.

 This is one of my favorite restorations.

The Raleigh Sprite restoration, as seen on this page, was completely restored along with a new powder coat finish.  All the chrome and alloy was polished with a three step process.  New tires, tire tubes, cables, cable housings and bearings were also installed.  ​

The restored Raleigh Sprite meets the intended purpose of neighborhood riding with family, coffee shop and errand riding and exploring. And, it does it all with style and comfort.

Fully Stocked

Restoration Equipment

& Powder Coating Equipment

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Before & After

When I start a build and restoration for a customer I focus strongly on the type of riding the customer will be doing.  

In this example the customer wanted a bike that he could ride all day on the Forest Preserve Gravel trails we have in this area and some single track, a bicycle for exploring.

A modern mountain bike would not meet the function as well as an older bicycle so we started with a 20 year old bike.

We started with a rough Specialized Mountain Bike that was inexpensive because of the rough condition.  With the rough condition it allowed us to restore the Specialized MTB and still have a lot of room in the budget to make all the modification and addition to the bike.

In the end the Specialized turn into a beautiful bike meeting its function perfectly.


& After

My Shop

I love bicycles!  I love new bicycles, old bicycles, rough bicycles and restored bicycles. It's more then just a bike, it's an adventure and lifestyle. It's riding with friends and finding new friends. Seeing what's around the next corner or down that trail. It's about seeing where your limits are and setting new ones. It's more then just a bike.

I believe that bikes should be rode no matter what if you wear Lycra , sweats , or jeans. Riding a bike is a great lifestyle, adventure, and exercise all in one. I have many years of bicycle experience and have put all of that experience into my restorations, repairs and custom builds.  I feel bikes need to work for each individual rider, no matter what type of bike they ride. Whether they are new or old bikes they need to function for the rider. As an example my personal bike is Trek frame from 1980 with modern parts. This bike speaks to me. My primary goal is to help make whatever bike speaks to you, work for you. My focus of any tuneup, alteration, or restoration is to get you out on your bike to enjoy your surroundings and find  adventure.

Bikes are my life. When I put a bike on my stand I treat as if it were my own. My attention to detail, creativity, and knowledge mean every bike leaves looking and preforming at it's best. Creativity helps make every bike look it's best, whether a tuneup or a complete restoration. My experience helps me know what works and what doesn't. As a result your ready for a great experience!

MY philosophy

I love bicycles. Which is why I started Zeni Cycles. I eat, sleep, and breathe bicycles. Only thing more important is my two wonderful daughters and my family. I ride and endurance race regularly. I have my shop at home because it gives me the flexibility to work more when needed and be there for my family. I also have a creative side along with being a skilled graphics designer. I have started a line of t shirts, stickers and other accessories with my personal art and sayings on them. My passions are my family, bicycles, design, and beer. Did I to mention that I grew up in Wisconsin, where we drink a lot of beer.

I ride every morning before my girls wake up. That's when I decided to start a bicycles repair business. I started with a little ad for repairs and tuneups. It has continued to grow and expand to complete restorations and now accessories. 

As Steve Jobs said “Only way to do great work, is to love what you do”.  I feel that everyday with Zeni Cycles! I bring that passion to everything from a tuneup to a restoration to my accessories. My family has given me so much support and I've gotten so much positive feedback from my customers, that I'm energized about the future of cycling and Zeni cycles.

Thank you,

John Zeni

I work out of my home shop. This gives me the flexibility to work long days and still be there for my family.  This also allows me to take on the large number of restorations that I do.  Working out of my home gives me the ability to take time to do things correctly. Sometimes I work late into the night or early in the morning. Whatever it takes to make sure the job is done right.

John's Recycled Bicycle

I have a fully stocked restoration shop with equipment for brazing and welding.

I also have a full range of media blasting equipment and powder coating equipment for frame paint restoration.