John's Recycled Bicycle


I recently finished a restoration of this 1970's Motobecane mixte.  The Motobecane was converted to an upright city bicycle with new handlebars, new brake levers, new cork grips, new cables, new saddle, new brake pads, new bearings and new tires and tire tubes.

I had some very nice French fenders i have been holding on to but I decided to install them on the Motobecane wich was a great idea.  It looks fantastic with the fenders.

Click here to see the restoration process of the Motobecane Mixte.

I love 3 speed bicycles.  They are tough as nails, they have a classic look, they make great commuters with the fenders and chain guard.  Three speed are very comfortable and are great for cruising to the coffee shop or just around the neighborhood.

I love 3 speeds so I probably put way to much money into this one.  The Raleigh Sports received new handlebars, brake levers, handlebar grips, saddle, tires & tubes, cables & cable housings, spokes and wheel rims.

Click here to see the Raleigh Sports 3 Speed restoration process.


This is a 1977-79 Fuji Mixte Gran Tourer up for sale.  The Fuji has been completely restored and converted to an upright city bicycle.  The Fuji is a fantasticly beautiful and functional bicycle.  A perfect bicycle for cruising the neighborhood with friends & family, an afternoon ride to the coffee shop or an all day comfortable ride. 

The Fuji Gran Tourer measure 20 inches / 50 cm.

 A truly beautiful bicycle!

Click here to see the Fuji Gran Tourer restoration process.

Current Bicycles for Sale.

The 1989 Trek 400 restoration turned out just beautiful.  I have never seen 25 year old paint look better.  The Trek 400 has  had a complete restoration along with new bearings, tires, tire tubes, handlebar tape and all new cables & cable housings.

The Trek 400 measures 22 inches / 56 cm.  The Trek 400 is just a wonderful riding, fast and mean looking bicycle.  It would make a great bike for riding fast, commuting or just an all day ride.

Click here to see the Trek 400 restoration process.

Restored 1988 Nishikie Olympic.  The Nishikie Olympic recieved a complete restoration along with new bearings, tire tubes, handlebar tape, brake lever hoods, all new cables & cable housings and brake pads. 

The Nishike measures 22 inch / 56 cm, had index 12 speed shifting and a Cromoly frame.  

The Nishikie would make a fantastic road bike, so much better then today's entry level aluminum road bikes that are $1,200+. 

Click Here to see the restoration process for the Nishikie olympic.


The Miyata is a bicycle for someone starting out in triathlons.  Such a better bike then any of the $2000 entry level bike of today.  

The Miyata 312 was actually marketed as a Triathlon bike.  The Miyata 312 would be great for a shorter rider and women riders.  The Miyata has 12 speed index shifting.  A wonderful Cro-Mo steel frame.  

The Miyata has had a total restoration. The Miyata restoration turned out beautiful!  If it was my size this one would never leave the shop.  Check put the step by step photo restoration by clicking the link below!

Click here to see the restoration process, the upgrades and the idea of the Miyata 312.





​1988 Miyata 312


The Miyata is a wonderful Sports Touring bicycle so I decided to go way out on it and bring out all of it's Sports Touring capabilities out. 

I set the Miyata 310 up as an all day exploring bicycle or even a weekend touring bicycle.  It was put together to handle nice roads, rough roads, rolling country roads, gravel roads, light trails and the like.  To ride all day and stay comfortable.  To see whats around the next corner.

The Miyata has had a total restoration. A long with no expense being spared in the set up.

Click here to see the restoration process, the upgrades and the idea of the Miyata 310 Sports Tourer.

​1983 Miyata 310